Our Homes

Transition Home

Our first priority is to establish a healthy transition home for minor girls (under 18 years of age) where they will begin the process of healing. We use an integrated approach, meaning we address the girls’ physical, intellectual, spiritual, psychological, and social needs.
Courage Homes is where the girls are brought to after being rescued out of prostitution. We work with several rescue organizations along with the Child Welfare Committee, and the police, who bring girls to us. We provide a safe and healthy environment for the girls while they await their court date. During their time with us, we educate them to their legal situation by meeting with social workers and lawyers. We see to their health and nutritional needs by having medical and nutritional staff in the home. We begin their healing journey through counseling and therapy with trained counselors. We live together as a family which helps the girls develop their social skills. And we offer inner healing prayer, listening prayer, and devotional times for the girls to focus on their spiritual well being.

Long Term Home

A view of our courage home

Long-Term Home

Our future goal is to open a long-term home for girls who have no other safe place to live. We will continue to address the needs of each girl and will provide job training in various skills so that our girls can go on to live healthy and successful lives, moving past their wounded hearts into a full life.