About Us

Who We Are

Courage Homes is a project in New Delhi, India, under The New Generation Trust, that exists to promote healing, transformation and wholeness for those affected by trafficking and prostitution. Our current area of focus is girls who have been victimized by sex trafficking.

We aim to help people seek social, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, so as to become all they were designed to be. Our hope is that the girls who come through our doors will realize their inherent beauty and infinite value. Our staff will seek to create a healing environment to enable girls to start on the courageous path of transformation, leading ultimately to reintegration into society.



  • Beauty

The living environment should exhibit beauty and elicit healing in those who live and work there.

  • Creativity

We will utilize a variety of creative therapies and encourage children to live out their dreams creatively.

  • Integrated Care

We will provide loving care for each aspect of a person’s being. Physical, emotional, spiritual, social, and intellectual.

  • Courage

Responding to the evil & pain of trafficking requires bravery from all of us, no matter our role.

  • Safety

We will be diligent to maintain a physically and emotionally safe home where children can learn to trust again and engage with the healing process.

  • Well-being of Staff

Given that work with traumatized girls can require an enormous amount of emotional energy on the part of staff, we will promote care for staff members to the best of our ability.

  • Partnership

We will collaborate with a broad spectrum of people and agencies. In this, we hope to be an encouragement to others who do similar or related work.