Food Bazaar

The girls had a special week of no school last week.  They went to the park, played games, made crafts, and held a food bazaar.  Each girl made a dish of food and then set up a stall to sell it in Courage Homes.  This was only for the staff and girls at Courage Homes, but it was a huge success.  We used pretend money but ate real food!

The purpose of the event was not only for pure enjoyment but we used it as a way to empower the girls in marketing skills and life skills.  They made up posters to advertise their item and chose the price.  Most of them were very proud of what they made.  One girl however was unsure of her dish and cried because she thought it wouldn’t taste good.  It was wonderful to see not only the staff but the other girls encouraging her that she did a good job and that it tasted good.  And it did!


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