LOVE and Nothing Else

From our Social Worker

A policeman came today to meet a girl who was recently rescued from prostitution. I was there during the time of information gathering. It was all amusing initially when the girl was being cocky and the policeman had a hard time understanding the girl. She was a smart girl who knew exactly what she was doing. She did not give out information so easily. She said “Police walo ko tight kar dungi”. I really don’t know how to interpret that but it was fun watching the girl lead the policeman into some confusion.

While the girl played her game with the policeman, I couldn’t stop seeing the person the girl had become due to the exploitation she went through. She could have been a 16 year old starry eyed girl with dreams, who was leading a normal, rebellious teenage life. But, that was far from who she was. She had become a woman who was frustrated and had no hope. She had become harsh and loud to suppress her pain. I could see that she was hurting so much. But, her pretense was even more obvious.

At the end, she broke down. She wept and wept and I hugged her. She held me and wept and said she wanted to die. She said there was nothing left to live for. My heart sank. Love was all I could give her at that moment. She was hurting and pain was all she felt. Love was all she needed. “Love never fails”

There are many things in this place that I work at-Trauma Counselling, Life Skills, More Counselling and many more activities for girls like her. But, if there is no Love, they are nothing, they are just noise.

I am nothing and empty without Love. This may be all I can give her but this is the greatest of all. It is so easy to do things the right way and forget why we are here for. I do forget that sometimes, I confess. But, God is so good to keep reminding me of what is important and why have He sent me to this place.

It is all for Love.

Love is the power the world does not have. Love is what will remain when all else is gone. It is eternal. We are loved with an everlasting Love.

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