Full House

We have only one empty bed right now! This is a record for us.

When we opened Courage Homes we thought that we would be full all the time. We thought we would be overflowing with girls. We thought that we would be sent more girls then we could give beds to. We were wrong.

The first year of Courage Homes saw an average of 5 girls (this is a guess) at any one time. We were actually very thankful for the small amount even though we wanted to help a lot of girls. We needed time to learn and adjust our plans. Now we are in the second year. There are still a lot of new situations to learn through, but we are much more prepared.

We are thankful to the Child Welfare Committee for controlling how many girls come to us. And we are grateful that they see we are able to handle more. And more then anything we are thankful that more rescues of girls is happening in our city.

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