Counseling at Courage Homes

Being a counsellor at Courage Homes has been a challenge and a learning experience for me. I enjoy working with the girls in Courage Homes and I do believe that the girls can be restored back to who they are meant to be and that they can receive healing from the different abuse that they have gone through.

The greatest reward for me working here in Courage Homes is when I have seen the lives of girls being transformed and being changed . When some of them came to us they were broken, confused, timid and scared but I have seen them come out of their shell and learning to become more confident and becoming brave girls who stand up in the court to testify against the perpetrators. Times like this have affirmed my belief that healing is possible and that they can begin to lead a free and normal life. My aim has always been to tell the girls that they are loved and that it is possible to dream again and also to give back the love, dignity, respect that has been taken away from them.

There have been times when I have been disappointed. When I have not been able to help some girls and nothing seems to change their hearts. So I had to let go, knowing in my heart that the girls might go back into the same trap that they came out from, and this makes me feel helpless, uncomfortable and upset.

When girls start telling me their stories, I am so deeply shaken and greatly saddened by what has happened to them. Its hard not to be angry and upset for what has all happened to the girls. Sometimes its so easy to work out of anger and frustration, but I always have to tell myself that I have to function out of love for the girls and love should be the factor that drives me….. to work for the girls.

I feel like I am here in Courage Homes not only because the girls need help but I feel like God has brought me here so that He can teach me through the girls. I am also daily learning and growing with the girls here. I am excited to see what God is doing in the lives of the girls and what more He is going to do in the future.