Our Social Worker

More than three years ago, I did not know that I would become a Social Worker even though I went to a Social Work School for two years in order to specialize in this field.

Now, after just two years of being a Social Worker, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. It is such a privilege to be able to do this job and since I love it, I really don’t see it as a job. I see it as my contribution to bring change and simply help others.

Well, now I want to write briefly about being a Social Worker. I work for a new organization running a home for girls affected by trafficking and prostitution. After I got hired, I was trained for a short period to understand the vision and programmes of the NGO. I remember that a lot of people gave me a very negative picture of the government and the police during that time.

When the home started, I often interacted with the government and the police as a part of my job, and I was surprised that it wasn’t that bad. It was encouraging to see government officials and police who sincerely worked to help girls. As I visited different government officials (mostly working for the welfare of women and children), I met many genuine people and since it was obvious that I was really new in this field, I received many useful counsel and tips from some of the government officials on how to be more effective at my job. These experiences combined with the wonderful support of my bosses (yes, I have two bosses!) helped me kick-start my new journey.

I am specially impressed by the Delhi Police so far. I know that the Police Department is one of the most corrupt one yet I have met so many police men who have been so helpful to the girls and are doing their job with integrity.

I see each policeman as an individual and not as a force. And for some of the not so good policemen that I have met, it’s an opportunity for me to be ‘salt and light’ to them which is not easy.

Learning to appreciate the system in spite of its flaws is very powerful and I have many first hand experiences of it. I have been blessed by many of them, more than I could ever bless them.

I enjoy doing home visits for the girls and driving to far off villages. I especially like the part where I pass through different communities and get to watch people and be amazed at how they live and most of them do, just for survival. It also gives me an opportunity to find joy and beauty in the middle of chaos, poverty and brokenness. There is so much of joy and beauty around if you are determined to find them.

I have been often asked by people why I do this work. For some reason, it’s hard to give a direct answer. But, what I know is that God sent people into my life to give me Hope and Healing when I was hopeless and broken. I want to give what I have received. People reached out to me and now I reach out to others. And what a better way to do this than by ‘being a Social Worker’ :-)