Christmas at Courage Homes

We celebrate all the major holidays in India at the home.  This week we celebrated Christmas.  What a wonderful celebration we had.  Someone had donated some warm socks to the girls, so on Christmas morning the girls woke up to a gift bag on their beds.  They excitedly opened the bags to discover some socks.  You would think that they had just received a new car by the way they acted.  They were so excited to get a gift.  They wore their socks proudly for all to see.  And the staff had written in a card for each of the girls.  The girls read them over and over again.  One girl said that it was the first card she had ever received.  She was so proud of it.  She can’t read herself so another girl read it to her and explained it to her.

I am reminded this Christmas season that love really is the most important gift we can receive.  Thank you to the girls for reminding me.