Some Sickness

This week we have several staff members and two girls who are down with fever.  Since this is also Dengue season we decided to get some tests done to see if anyone had Dengue.  Thankful no one does.  So now we are just taking lots of rest and lots of Tylenol.

We are thankful for the good medical care that we have around us.  We have a doctor who comes to check on the girls and to advise us when we should go to the hospital for further treatment.  We have good hospitals with doctors who will treat our girls and give a discount.  We have our cook who makes healthy soup when we aren’t feeling well.  And we have a great home where the girls can take rest.

So even with all the sickness the home is running smoothly and the girls and staff are happy.  We are so thankful for all that has been provided for us and all those who help by giving of themselves so sacrificially.