A Good Doctor

We take the girls to get vaccinations and medical check-ups when we have them with us.  We also get STI (STD) testing done and visit a gyno doctor.  We’ve looked at the different hospitals that are close by to try to find a kind of package deal for all the tests and treatments we need, but so far haven’t found one.  It is very important to us to find a good doctor who will treat the girls gently and with respect, knowing the trauma that they have gone through.  We thought we had a good hospital to take them to, but we were not impressed with the gyno, so we have to look else where.  Even if it costs more money we want the girls to have a good doctor.

Lately we have also had to take some girls to the dentist to get teeth pulled that were already in bad shape.  Thankfully the dentist that we chose is wonderful.  The girls actually enjoyed going to the dentist office.  The waiting room was air conditioned, the dentist was gentle, and afterwards gave us orders to buy them ice cream.  We did!