First Place!

The staff at Courage Homes were thrilled to get the news that we were receiving our first girl. After months and months of preparing, it was finally time to begin. She arrived at the home and we were all smiles. Trying not to overwhelm her with our excitement, we showed her around and let her pick out which bed she wanted to call her own. She chose a teddy bear to befriend and quickly unpacked her items. Having spent time in another after care home, she was very happy to be in Courage Homes. She said that our home was much nicer. The beds were nicer, the food was nicer, and it wasn’t crowded (she was the only one here).

As the reality of what this girl had gone through, mixed with the excitement of her arrival hit us, we found ourselves with conflicted emotions. We can’t forget the trauma these girls have experienced as we lovingly welcome them to our home. Our hope is that Courage Homes will be to them a place of refuge and care.